IROST will organize an Int’l Workshop on Technology-Based Entrepreneurship in cooperation with Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT) and IORA Regional Centre for Science and Technology Transfer (RCSTT) on October 27-28, 2015 in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.
The main goal of this workshop is to facilitate the expansion of national productive capacity of the countries in Asia-Pacific region by improving the knowledge of technological entrepreneurship development. During the workshop, the participants get engaged in sharing knowledge, experiences and operational policies of their countries, presenting the best practices in the field and learning from success stories of technological entrepreneurship in other countries.
The programme will discuss the following titles:
  • Concepts, Models and Technology-Based Entrepreneurship
  1. Concepts, contents and the scope of technological entrepreneurship
  2. Models of technological entrepreneurship (case studies and best practices)
  3. Exploration and exploitation of technological opportunities (case studies and best practices)
  4. Technological entrepreneurship capacities in different industrial fields
  • Infrastructures for Development of Technology-Based Entrepreneurship 
  1. Policies and successful programs for development of technological entrepreneurship: Experiences of other countries
  2. Role of venture capital and other mechanisms and models of financing in different stages of technological entrepreneurship: learning from other countries’ experiences and best practices
  3. Explanation of the impact of entrepreneurship training on development of technological entrepreneurship
  • Technology-Based Entrepreneurship in I.R. Iran
  1. Challenges and solutions for development of technology-based entrepreneurship in I.R.Iran
  2.  Technological entrepreneurship opportunities in I.R.Iran

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