on June 26, 2018, COMSATS has acquired the accreditation to the Commonwealth. It is noteworthy that the Commonwealth is one of the largest inter-governmental organizations, having 53 member states, with its Secretariat located in London, United Kingdom.


COMSATS is the first Pakistan-based organization to have been accredited to the Commonwealth. The accreditation to the Commonwealth provides formal recognition of the organization becoming a part of a large network of accredited civil societies and professional organizations. The accreditation shall now enable COMSATS and its member countries to explore new avenues for collaborations, projects and networking with one of the largest organizations in London, United Kingdom.
The Commonwealth consists of 53 member states and over 80 international organizations, with 17 mutual member countries of COMSATS. Some of the key priority areas of the Commonwealth, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), climate change and energy and sustainable development amongst others. Organizations in the United Kingdom largely avail the Grant Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), a key mechanism to support researchers in developing and developed countries. GCRF also engages in conducting complementary programs in conjunction with its delivery partners to strengthen research capacity. GCRF supports the Commonwealth Organization through complementary schemes and programmes to support activities and cutting-edge research as a facilitator for fund provision.
COMSATS’ member countries and Centres of Excellence (COE) can greatly benefit through collaborations in the form of research and development projects within the network of Commonwealth’s accredited organizations. The Commonwealth is involved in diverse activities, including supporting nations’ negotiations and education to women empowerment, to supporting youth participation or support in policy making. Some of the ongoing and recently launched projects of the Commonwealth include Commonwealth for Kids, Climate Finance Access Hub, Commonwealth Blue Charter, and the recently launched Commonwealth Innovation Hub.

Now, COMSATS' Member States including IROST, Centres of Excellence and the International Thematic Research Groups (ITRGs) would be able to benefit from the opportunities offered by Commonwealth through COMSATS Headquarters.

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